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Russian Fashion Dominance on the Web. A Study on Local Googles in post- Soviet Countries.

Even after the dissolution of physical borders, can we still see the cultural influence of a particular country on the others? Can these social conditions be seen on the Web?  The countries belonging to the USSR used to revolve around Russia and Russian language.  After the collapse of this empire Russia still remains a leading […]

Academic Writing

Apartheid According to Wikipedia. A Comparative Analysis of English, Dutch and Afrikaans Wikipedia Pages on Apartheid.

An issue of apartheid history is a fascinating one. It involves actors of many nationalities and languages, from native South African inhabitants, descendants of slaves (often of Asian origin), former Dutch and British colonizers, to the apartheid government itself. Brendan Luyt in his research on The Nature of Historical Representation on Wikipedia writes that “the […]

Academic Writing

The Censorship of Extremist Content in the Russian Internet

This research paper aims at investigating the effectiveness of the Russian law enforcement in combating cyber hate. The implemented research strategy consisted of two major steps: building a list of the extremist websites in Runet and testing whether they are accessible in Russia and in the Netherlands. For building the URL list the editorial approach was used; […]

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