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Grachtenfestival, or how to Combine Summer, Canals and Classical Music

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, August 14, 2014 Featured photo by delfi de la Rua on Unsplash What is one of the most iconic things associated with Amsterdam? Canals, of course. And Amsterdammers know best how to celebrate their beauty, especially during the upcoming annual Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival). There are many summer festivals in Amsterdam, but as far […]

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It Doesn’t Get More Dutch than this… Your Guide to the 2014 Jordaan Festival

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, September 11, 2014 Featured photo by Maaria Lohiya on Unsplash Let’s say you’ve visited the Netherlands or you’ve been living here for quite some time already. You know the taste of stroopwaffels, you’ve learnt to like liquorice candy and you eat poffertjes for breakfast. But I bet you haven’t experienced anything as Dutch as […]

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The Great Outdoors: Best Al Fresco Dining in Amsterdam

Originally published in the Eating Europe blog, May 27, 2014 Featured photo by Xochi on Unsplash Amsterdam’s charm lies in its picturesque parks, unique architecture, leafy trees and serene canals. The scenery makes the city a perfect setting for lunching and dining in the open air, especially with the summer coming up. If you need an advice on […]


A Quick Reference Guide to King’s Day

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, 22 April, 2014 Featured photo by Alex Harvey ?? on Unsplash This year, on April 26, you’ll have a chance to be part of the first King’s Day (Koningsdag) ever! Traditionally, the Dutch celebrated Queen’s Day in honor of Queen Wilhelmina’s, and later on Queen Juliana’s, birthday. After the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander last year, […]

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What’s Hot? A Guide to the Trendiest Restaurants in Amsterdam

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, December 15, 2014 Featured photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash Forget about silver cutlery, French haute cuisine and Michelin Stars. What is trending now in Amsterdam is everything that’s locally grown, raw and recyclable. True Amsterdammers are crazy about healthy food, market stalls and improvised venues, and if you want to […]

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