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Student Apps you Need

Thank God for technology. It makes our everyday lives much easier, especially when yours is the life of a busy student. These three apps will cover the most difficult areas of your student life:

Studying – Nerdo app works in a few easy steps. It scans your texts if you still don’t have them in digital version. It identifies keywords in your assignment question and scans your texts looking for these keywords. Then, it puts the selected pieces of text together into neat paragraphs, sorting them out thematically. If your professor asks you a question, Nerdo reads the text to you straight into your ear through the invisible earphones. If your printer is properly connected to your device, it prints the assignment on a piece of paper with customized logo and initials and laminates the final product.

Being yourself – Let’s face it- you make everyone on facebook nauseous by Liking pages like Traveling!, iLove Apple, and Purple Skittles 4Eva. Creating an original identity is now much more challenging than just generously telling the world what your interests are. The newest app Hater does not deny that there are more things we grumble about than the ones we like, such as your bike breaking down on your way to the campus, your teacher’s squicky voice, or your ex having moved on way too fast. Hate is the new Like. There are a set of interactions you can have with other Hater users: Invite to a Duel, Proclaim as Enemy, and Poke. With a knife.

Dealing with consequences – NoPanic app with its amazing options erases the consequences of whatever stupid thing you’ve done. You can apply a HangOVER filter on your photos that lighten the dark shades under your eyes and adds a youthful glow to your skin. The iApologize option saves the contact details of people you’ve been partying with and the next morning it automatically sends out the “I’m sorry for my behavior” text messages. And, the cherry on top, the Pill2Thrill option sends an automatic request to your GP, locates the nearest pharmacy next to you and forwards his prescription. In a few hours after a night out, you have a fresh morning-after pill waiting for you on the pharmacy counter.

Featured photo by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash

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