Lord of the Rooms

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Lord of the Rooms

Originally published in Univers no. 08, 7 February 2013 (Download PDF)

You have to know that when it comes to room search, there is only one place destined for each brave person that dares to find it. If it wasn’t for the guidance of helpers who made me remember my goal, I would have never completed the task.

The first Middle Man I encountered on my way was a helpful, rather round man from the Ottoman Empire. He offered transportation in his vehicle mysteriously smelling of dust and smoke. We moved from place to place while he was telling me about conflicts with his wife from a far away from Christian land. All households he showed me were inhabited by people of exotic origin and decorated accordingly. There was a Persian owner with a preference towards female tenants; he claimed that his own gender ought to be distrusted. There was also a single mother, her face hidden behind a colorful piece of cloth, with a prematurely obese son.

The Middle Man tempted me prices that are very negotiable “for such a nice girl like yourself”. But I didn’t let myself be deceived. I knew that a kitchen counter crammed into an attic room of 13 square meters is not a studio. I knew that a lower price is not worth having everything smell like fried chicken every time I cook. But the time was running out and I had to keep believing that the Room was still waiting for me.

The next Middle Man was a young gentleman of dark eyes and ebony skin. He was a resourceful man who, except for guiding seekers to their perfect Rooms, was also selling inexpensive footwear. He tried to make me abandon my search by offering splendid food and drinks. He tempted me with his youthfulness and good company, but I knew I had to keep going despite cold and hunger.

And finally, there it was. I stood in from of a breath-taking wooden house in a small village outside of town, admiring the tree branches touching the ground and windows sparkling in the sun. An old man with a long, white beard opened the door. “The Lord of the Rooms!, I thought to myself in amazement. He greeted me with the words: “Come in. I have been expecting you.”

Featured photo by Andres Iga on Unsplash

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