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Midnight Birds

It’s almost midnight. I have to wake up in six hours but instead, I’m laying in bed and listening to the birds singing outside my window. They, just like me, seem confused and awake at the wrong time of the day. The sound of morning birds singing while I’m not asleep yet always make me […]

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Image Hunting: Travel Photography in Digital Age

Published: Masters of Media, University of Amsterdam It won’t be a shocking discovery if I say that digital technology dramatically changed the art of photography. Travel photography gained (or lost?) the most, since digital equipment freed this art form from being a domain of experts. Now every traveler becomes an author of potential artworks, and has the means to publish them on social […]

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A Very Happy Birthday

In a house decorated with a flashy fish mural, there is a birthday party put together with a patchwork of people I don’t know. An American guy is scrupulously describing the details of a sound system in some bar I don’t care about. Getting another drink becomes a harmless excuse. We pretend to have forgotten […]

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