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Follow me, please!

Massive groups consisting of more parents than schoolchildren are led around the campus by enthusiastic ‘sample’ students. The white tents, balloons, and old-school music create a festive theme park atmosphere. And the festival’s name is Open Days. Univers was an eye-witness. A cohort of, paradoxically, paid volunteers gathered in the Cobbenhagen building. Wearing elegant, navy blue polo […]

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Abroad and Homesick. How Nostalgic are International Students?

An unpleasant, blue feeling creeps into our stomachs and squeezes them tight. Some of us don’t feel like going out anymore, lock themselves up inside four walls and molest Skype for hours. For others, the feeling can partially be soothed by Haribo gummy bears and a lonely cigarette. The tiny little virus, especially contagious around […]


Those Foreign Students….

On the one hand, the university welcomes international students with open arms and creates an internationally friendly environment. But once the students step outside of the safe campus, they hear voices grumbling about the increasing number of international students. The arguments sound dangerously like the ones against immigrants. Are international students the next target of […]

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