By Night

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By Night

Friday, 11 pm, Kandinskybar

“Would you mind sitting on my coat?” a man in his mid-30s asks a girl sitting on a bar stool. She looks at him blankly. Even though she usually understands Dutch, at this moment she doubts her language skills. To make sure that she heard correctly, she chats with the man for a while.

Apparently, the overcrowded bar provides no more space to hang a coat and the man wants neither to lose it nor put it in a dirty corner. She is still not sure, though, if the man’s question derived from his pragmatism or from some strange sexual preference. Regardless of the reason, she spends the rest of the evening warming up a stranger’s coat with her behinds.

Friday, 2.25 am, Weemoed bar

A late night in a bar full of cigarette smoke. There are only a few blurry contours of youngsters, bursting with laughter from time to time. Two of them, perhaps in their late teens, are sitting at the table. After sharing a cigarette they start kissing lazily, as if in slow motion.

The girl withdraws her lips from the ones of the boy, and asks: “Why don’t we go to Barcelona? Like, right now.” The boy looks at her through tired, narrowed eyelids. He turns to a stranger at the same table and asks his opinion. “Go! Go, for crying out loud!” the stranger cries out loudly. The fortuitous couple kisses and walks towards the door, tottering.

Friday, 3.30 am, outside

The street is almost empty. A few tired people are walking down the street, carelessly kicking empty bottles. Three young men are unlocking their bikes. One of them starts ringing his bike bell, playing a simple rhythm.  The other one joins with a different beat.

After they get some attention from the passersby, the third one starts dancing to this bizarre bike-bell song. The sun appears on the horizon.

Photo by Steve Allison on Unsplash

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