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Welcome to Tijuana

Originally published in Univers no. 14, 27 June 2013. Download PDF Featured photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash Did you know that the city of Rotterdam organizes a Summer Carnaval in June? Me neither. It’s all very confusing, because the festival has nothing to do with Carnaval celebrated by the Southern Dutchies, but rather with the Latin American celebrations […]

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Follow me, please!

Massive groups consisting of more parents than schoolchildren are led around the campus by enthusiastic ‘sample’ students. The white tents, balloons, and old-school music create a festive theme park atmosphere. And the festival’s name is Open Days. Univers was an eye-witness. A cohort of, paradoxically, paid volunteers gathered in the Cobbenhagen building. Wearing elegant, navy blue polo […]

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Weirdos of the World, Unite in Amsterdam!

“Don’t go to Amsterdam,” they said. “Your car will be burned, you’ll get stuck on a train, the noise will perforate your eardrums,” they said. Bullshit. Queen’s Day in Amsterdam was actually quite bearable. But walking down the crowded streets overflowing with orange, I was wondering what is it with this particular day that it lures so many tourists, […]

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Slow News Day

The entrance door of the Prisma building ceased to work. The automatic photocell system broke down just before the lunch break. This caused much inconvenience for three University employees, who were forced to use the other entrance. One of the victims, who did not wish to reveal his identity, is infuriated: “I value my working hours too much […]

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