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The Great Outdoors: Best Al Fresco Dining in Amsterdam

Originally published in the Eating Europe blog, May 27, 2014 Featured photo by Xochi on Unsplash Amsterdam’s charm lies in its picturesque parks, unique architecture, leafy trees and serene canals. The scenery makes the city a perfect setting for lunching and dining in the open air, especially with the summer coming up. If you need an advice on […]

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What’s Hot? A Guide to the Trendiest Restaurants in Amsterdam

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, December 15, 2014 Featured photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash Forget about silver cutlery, French haute cuisine and Michelin Stars. What is trending now in Amsterdam is everything that’s locally grown, raw and recyclable. True Amsterdammers are crazy about healthy food, market stalls and improvised venues, and if you want to […]

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Why Carrots Are Orange, and Other Weird Dutch Food Facts

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, February 22, 2016 Featured photo by May Lawrence on Unsplash Admittedly, the Dutch have a few eating habits that may seem strange to the foreign palate. That strange affinity for the briny taste of raw herring, for instance, or their penchant for salty licorice. Their addiction to deep-fried snacks, perhaps, or […]

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Best New Restaurants in Amsterdam: Where (and How) to Eat in 2016

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, February 16, 2016 Featured photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash There are so many new restaurants and cafés opening every month in Amsterdam that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. That’s why we decided to take a look at them from the point of view of the most recent […]

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