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An Immigration Story: Around the World in Dutch Cuisine

Originally published on the Eating Europe blog, March 30, 2015 Featured photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash Let’s be honest. What is considered to be traditional Dutch food (mashed potatoes, raw herring, and incredibly thick pea soup) is not the most sophisticated cuisine on earth. It seems to be more about nutritious comfort food rather than spices and beautiful presentation on a plate. But there is more to Dutch food […]

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A Very Happy Birthday

In a house decorated with a flashy fish mural, there is a birthday party put together with a patchwork of people I don’t know. An American guy is scrupulously describing the details of a sound system in some bar I don’t care about. Getting another drink becomes a harmless excuse. We pretend to have forgotten […]

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Shadowed by a Mosque

Originally Published in Univers no. 1, 21 March 2013 Featured photo by Pommelien da Silva Cosme on Unsplash Red, fluorescent lamps on each table illuminate the grinning profiles of teenagers almost too young to be sipping flamboyant cocktails. Their fun was accompanied by old school, American 80’s hits instead of rhythmic, Arabic music so typical for the streets of […]

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Welcome to Tijuana

Originally published in Univers no. 14, 27 June 2013. Download PDF Featured photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash Did you know that the city of Rotterdam organizes a Summer Carnaval in June? Me neither. It’s all very confusing, because the festival has nothing to do with Carnaval celebrated by the Southern Dutchies, but rather with the Latin American celebrations […]

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